Here’s a sneak peek excerpt from Tom’s new book “Corporate Fitness”


How do you feel when you do not honor your word?  Does it gnaw at you? It should.  Is there a guilty feeling? Most likely.

All of us have in the past, or maybe even today, not honored our word and did not do what we said we would. When discussing overall character, honoring one’s word is a pillar, so you need to acknowledge that this is something to be taken seriously.  Honoring your word should become a habit. Do so, and it will change your life.

When you do as you say, you earn trust, you show respect, and you develop integrity; all pillars of character.

Honoring one’s word is thus, fundamental to who you are, and speaks directly to one’s character. By repeating this habit, you also honor yourself, and by doing so, residually enhance your self-esteem. This self esteem, and being aware of your personal integrity, all leads to a healthier and more positive life which becomes elemental to all your interactions.

What happens when you don’t honor your word?  You begin to feel self loathing, guilt, and over time a loss of trust amongst your friends, business associates, and family.  This will negatively effect every aspect of your life. TRUST, is an important aspect of living in a civilized society.  You can either be a positive force or a negative one.  You can either contribute to a more trusting and honorable society, or one of decay and anarchy.

Let’s flip this notion. I am sure you have been on the receiving end of someone not honoring their word to you….I know I have, and quite a number of times I might add.  Sometimes it can be just a minor yet annoying insult, like someone not showing up for a meeting or forgetting about an engagement.  Other times it can be more serious, such as someone not honoring a contract or an agreed upon arrangement in a business circumstance.  Of course, this type of character flaw has more severe and financial consequences.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live by the old maxim “your word is your bond?”   Let’s bring that back, starting with yourself.  Lead by example. Honor your word, and it
will change your life for the better.

~Tom Callahan